Prioritisation of factors is a tool that helps you to sift through the different vulnerability and resilience factors identified and assess them in terms of relevance to the context and likely level of impact.

Why use it? Use this tool to prioritise the most important factors, helping to set what you are trying to monitor at a realistic level.

This tool is most useful at the design stage, but can also be used during implementation. It can be used together with:

1.1 Understanding the VE challenge

1.2 Identifying factors of vulnerability and resilience

A number of vulnerability and resilience factors will be identified through this analysis process. Prioritise the factors you will monitor according to the following:

  • Relevance to your PVE objective
  • Importance to changing the status quo
  • Relevance to your remit and mandate

Use the process for the Indicator Prioritisation Tool (4.3 Prioritising indicators) or use this grid:

Figure 9: Grid for prioritising vulnerability and resilience factors