Design the Programme

Module 2: Theory of change development

2.3 ToC for PVE checklist

ToC for PVE checklist helps check that you have addressed what you need for your ToC development.

Why use it? This helps you to ensure that the ToC can explain how and why a given intervention will lead to a specific change.

This tool is most useful at the design stage, but can also be used during implementation. It can be used together with:

2.2 Articulating change

Key questions to ask when developing a ToC:
  • Does the ToC include outputs and outcome, and does it clearly describe assumptions related to PVE?
  • Does the ToC make it clear who the PVE target population is and why (e.g., most vulnerable to recruitment, most vulnerable to negative consequences of PVE measures, in the most affected areas, most active/visible in PVE efforts)? Is this evidenced?
  • Does the ToC include and reference the different needs of different men and women?
  • Are the intermediate outcomes and ultimate goals qualitatively and quantitatively measurable?
  • Are the causal links visually clear, i.e. easy to follow on the page?
  • Does each of the causal links have clearly described assumptions?
  • Are the assumptions evidenced (i.e. do they reference context analysis, independent research, etc.)?
  • Does the ToC situate the VE dynamics within broader conflict and contextual dynamics?
  • Has the process drawn on previous planning, research and evaluation, plus insights from programme managers and other key informants?
  • Has the process involved consultation with, and direct voices from, beneficiaries and partners?
  • Have marginalised groups and communities affected by VE been engaged in the process?
  • Have different men and women of different ages been engaged in the process?
  • Has the participation of the above groups informed the contents of the ToC?
  • Are change pathways and causal links within the ToC backed up by evidence (ideally externally verifiable)?
  • Has the ToC clearly identified the assumptions behind the causal links?
  • Are preconditions for change clearly spelled out?
  • Does your ToC identify any PVE and other conflict-related risks?
  • Does your ToC narrative define a process (with timeframes and persons responsible) for review during project implementation?
  • Has the review process identified any scenarios, including specific changes in the PVE context, which would trigger the need for ToC review (such as a change in law or policy, a security intervention by authorities or an attack)?
  • Does the review process involve partners, key stakeholders and communities affected by PVE?
  • Does the review process sufficiently engage marginalised groups identified in your ToC/project?
  • Does the ToC review process engage men and women of different ages and social status?