Monitoring strategy And data collection

Module 5: Monitoring tools

5.4 Outcome harvesting

If relationships of cause and effect are not clear, the change capturing tool offers a participatory approach to identify, formulate, verify, analyse and interpret ‘outcomes’. It is often used as an evaluation tool, but can also be a useful monitoring tool
Why use it? It allows you to work backwards from collecting evidence of what has changed in your programming context, determining whether and how the intervention contributed to these changes.

This tool is most useful at the implementation, monitoring and adaptation stage. If used for baseline or context analysis, it is also useful at the design stage. It is important to be aware that data collection methods should be considered at design stage in order to ensure the right methods have been selected for what the tool seeks to measure. It can be used together with:

1.1 Understanding the VE challenge

1.4 Prioritisation of factors

2.2 Articulating change

4.3 Prioritising indicators

5.2 Context monitoring (timeline) tool

5.3 PVE capturing tool

Figure 22: PVE change significance matrix
Six steps of outcome harvesting

Adapted from Outcome Harvesting, BetterEvaluation