Improving the impact - English

This toolkit is designed for UNDP practitioners and partners who are working on programmes that are either specifically focused on preventing violent extremism (PVE), or have PVE-relevant elements to them. It draws on best practice for design, monitoring and evaluation in complex, conflict contexts adapting these for PVE programming. The toolkit includes modules, processes and approaches as well as an indicator bank that can be used within UNDP, with national and community level partners, and as part of a capacity-building approach around monitoring.

Improving the impact - Arabic

تم تصميم مجموعة الأدوات هذه لممارسي برنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي وشركائه الذين يعملون على البرامج التي تركز إما بشكل خاص على منع التطرف العنيف (PVE) ، أو لديها عناصر ذات صلة بـ PVE. إنها تعتمد على أفضل الممارسات للتصميم والرصد والتقييم في سياقات الصراع المعقدة التي تكيفها مع برمجة PVE. تتضمن مجموعة الأدوات وحدات وعمليات ونُهج بالإضافة إلى بنك مؤشرات يمكن استخدامه داخل برنامج الأمم المتحدة الإنمائي ، مع الشركاء على المستوى الوطني وعلى مستوى المجتمع المحلي ، وكجزء من نهج بناء القدرات حول الرصد

Guidance Note for Practitioners: Supplementary Note to support revision of risk management strategies in context of COVID-19

This Supplementary Note is designed to help PVE colleagues to update their risk management strategies, to respond to the changed context created by COVID-19. It complements UNDP’s PVE risk management guide with: additional guidance on specific potential risks to consider;

Risk management for preventing violent extremism (PVE) programme - guidance note for practitioners

This Guidance Note (GN) on Risk Management for PVE programmes is designed – in simple, non-technical terms – to enhance practitioners’ understanding of risk management as an approach to working in complex settings. Simultaneously it can assist you with undertaking a risk assessment, and familiarising yourself with common risks and opportunities associated with PVE programmes.

Amman Forum Measuring PVE 2019 Report - ENGLISH

To explore best practice and potential solutions to the challenges of measuring and monitoring prevention, UNDP convened researchers and practitioners at the Amman Forum on Measuring, Monitoring and Assessing PVE, 18-19 June 2019. This report summarizes the main issues discussed in the Amman Forum, with a focus on key recommendations and questions for further exploration or research.

Conflict Sensitivity in Approaches to Preventing Violent Extremism

This paper is intended to raise the discussion about the need for a conflict-sensitive approach to PVE. It highlights the importance of considering conflict sensitivity not only at the micro-level of programs and projects, but also at policy and strategic decision-making levels.

Design, Monitoring & Evaluation of PVE Projects in Jordan - A Baseline Assessment of PeaceGeeks’ Projects

This report outlines the learning from a unique M&E for PVE exercise. In 2019, UNDP partnered with CSO PeaceGeeks to assist in forming a baseline for their PVE project.

Conducting a conflict and development analysis

Conducting a Conflict and Development Analysis (CDA) is a tool that assists with analysing a specific context and developing strategies for reducing or eliminating the impact and consequences of violent conflict.